AGE Informatics is a technology company focused on producing solutions that provide product security. It guarantees product safety in different industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, agrochemicals, and explosives for civil uses with the solutions it has produced.

AGE Informatics, founded in Turkey in 2005, and has become an international company since 2012 by spreading its solutions and services with its partners in the international market. AGE, which produces solutions for pharmaceutical companies operating on a global scale, develops its solutions and services every day. You can find detailed information about our brands and products on our page.


VISIOTT ensures product safety and the protection of your brand by using track and trace technologies. It has been reported by many authorities that counterfeiting and black-market activities that prevent consumer access to a reliable product have reached the highest level with the spread of electronic commerce in recent years. Both legislators and manufacturers are looking for solutions to prevent these activities. Almost every day, an industry legislator defines a new tracking system to combat counterfeiting. 

VISIOTT has developed its first track and trace solutions for the pharmaceutical industry in Turkey. It then adapted these solutions to the track and trace requirements of the food, cosmetics, agrochemical, and civil explosives industries. Today, VISIOTT‘s software and hardware are capable of responding to the track and trace needs required by all industries in all countries around the world.

We invite you to meet VISIOTT‘s all-level track and trace software and sustainable serialization hardware. For more detailed information, you can visit our website in your native language or contact our sales team.


Clogger records and reports on the environmental conditions that products that need to be manufactured and transported in cold chain conditions are exposed to throughout the supply chain. Our solutions, which we produce specifically for different operations, are trusted and used by many industries where the cold chain is often implemented, such as pharmaceuticals and food. 

With CLOGGER products designed with accurate analysis of industry requirements, you can easily store your temperature and humidity data locally or in the cloud. When needed, you can integrate this data with your product traceability data and track the cold chain requirements for each product. All of our systems can be configured with WIFI, RF, and Ethernet architectures according to the infrastructure needs in your cold chain project. 

CLOGGER, which has gained the trust of pharmacists especially in the pharmaceutical sector in Turkey and has proven itself in this sector, continues its leadership in the sector and provides 24/7 online services to more than 3500 customers.

Please visit our website in your native language or contact our sales team to experience this unique system where product traceability and cold chain data can be integrated.

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