Semi Automatic Aggregation Station

VISIOTT Semi Automatic Aggregation Station is an economical, fast and compact solution to building aggregation between items and the shipping units. Using a small amount of time, it is possible to read the 2D codes on the items which are placed inside the shipping case using top reading camera systems. The system could print out case labels, as well as, pallet labels for these shipping units.

Generally, there are more than one layer inside a shipping case. VISIOTT Automatic Aggregation Station re-arranges its camera position after all completed layer of items. By doing so, it could read the codes from the first item to last item inside the case without any intervention. When the shipping case is filled with items, VISIOTT Semi Automatic Aggregation Station prints out serialized SSCC labels for the case. The SSCC code could be validated with a hand scanner according to the operational necessities.

VISIOTT Semi Automatic Aggregation Station runs to VISIOTT Level 2 Line Manager software and by using this software it has the ability to create customizable XML files at the end of the production for the produced items in PTS format and also in almost every format in the world. It is also possible to integrate the Semi Automatic Aggregation Station to an achive production line in less than one day.



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Reading Area(1)350 x 450 mm
Minimum Readable 2D Code Resolution2.5 ppm
Material304 series stainless steel
Protection GradeIP54
Camera Resolution3856 x 2764 px ( 10 Mpx )
Label GeneratorIndustrial Printer
Computer and DisplayIndustrial Monitor and PC
Working HeightMax. 400 mm
Working Voltage220 V / 50 - 60 Hz
2D Code Reading MechanismTop, Automatic

(1) Depends on the code resolution.


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Semi Automatic Aggregation Station