Palet Aggregation Station

Aggregation process is every item level and carrier level unit have its own unique code. Transport units created for this reason carry a linear barcode (SSCC) indicating the datamatrix information in them. Relevant process will create packages product treacibility.

VISIOTT Palet Aggregation Station can read the 2D codes of boxes in the carrier unit of a second with high performance multi-datamatrix reading. The advanced multi-datamatrix reading algorithm can resolve all datamatrix without any performance loss including those subjected to transparent shrink or over-wrap technology.

Thanks to its easy-to-integrate design, Palet Aggregation Station is able to integrate with any production line in less than a day. This unit could also be designed in various shapes and dimensions according to the needs of the operation. It runs on VISIOTT Level 2 Line Manager software and by using this software it has the ability to create customizable XML files at the end of the production for the produced items in PTS format and also in almost every format in the world.

As mentioned above, VISIOTT Palet Aggregation Station could be designed in various shapes and specifications. For example, for the serialized capsules in explosives industry multi reading, the body, electronics, mechanics and communication modules of the aggregation station unit could be re-designed according to the ex-proof and ATEX standards.



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Reading Area400 x 300 mm
Camera Resolution2592 x 1944 px (5 Mpx)
Minimum Readable 2D Code Resolution2.5 ppm
Minimum Readable 1D Code Resolution2 ppm
Labelling TechnologyThermal Transfer
Manual TriggerPedal or Button
Automatic TriggerPhoto-sensor (Optional)
Table Material304 Series Stainless Steel
Working Voltage220 V / 50 Hz
Standard Dimensions (Width/Length/Height)1200 / 1800 / 900 mm


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Palet Aggregation Station