Line Manager

VISIOTT Level 2 Line Manager is a software which is specifically designed to be used on the serialization operations. “The data is essential in the serialization solutions” is one of the first understandings since the early stages of our company. According to this understanding, we always develop our own software. As our progresses and range of our products has been widened, VISIOTT Level 2 Line Manager become more flexible, more stable and also thanks to its modular design, easier to develop further. VISIOTT Level 2 Line Manager can be used in the following kind of operations;

  • Serialization units which print and verify 2D datamatrix codes on the boxes using inkjet technology
  • Manual aggregation building units
  • Standalone aggregation building units
  • Top Reading units
  • The machines which apply tamper evident on the boxes
  • The machines which can apply serialized labels on any surface
  • The machines which collect orders for the serialized products
  • The machines which check the weight of the products on high speed line
  • The machines which support quality assurance with image processing.

VISIOTT Level 2 Line Manager uses the same libraries with the VISIOTT Level 3 Plant Manager which makes them work in perfect integration.

Our all products, which have been designed for pharmaceutical industry, are in compliance with 21 CFR 11 guide and GAMP 5 validation standards. Also, the validation requisites which have been added to the cognitive design of the core. enable to validate the customer specific integration modules.