Checkweigher Station

VISIOTT Checkweigher Station

VISIOTT Checkweigher System could be easily implemented to the production lines where their weights need to be checked for pricing or any other reason. It is used in numerous kinds of industries and for different kinds of production lines. The Checkweigher Systems are built in many different ways according to their intended use. AGE produced two different Checkweigher Systems for pharma and food industry. You may find detailed information about these solutions in the following sections of this page

Pharmaceutical Checkweigher System
The checkweigher checks the weights of the pharmaceutical product boxes to ensure that they are inside the pre-determined limits. The pharmaceutical products which are outside the pre-determined limits are drawn out from the production line with the reject mechanism. By doing that, checkweigher ensures that all boxes are properly filled with correct amount of pharmaceutical product. The speed of the operation conveyor is up to 40 meters per minute and the sensitivity of the weigher is 0.01(d)gr with 0.1 gr accuracy. These numbers indicate that 200 pharmaceutical products could be processed in less than one minute.

The checkweigher is developed and manufactured with all components (including the software) by our own team, only the load cell is imported from Germany. The load cell is tested according to the OIML standards. The design of the checkweihger in compliance with the GMP, Gamp5 validation and 21 CFR 11 declaration which are the fundamental necessitites of the pharmaceutical industry. All readily-prepared validation documents are handed with the checkweigher in the installation process.

Checkweigher System for Food
The Checkweigher System for food is intented to check the weighs of the food products, calculate their prices regarding to their weights and apply the price labels using the print-apply method on the same high-speed production line. The build material of the checkweigher could be stainless steel or aluminum due to the necessities of the produced food. The products are verified according to their weights and/or quality of the applied label and the faulty ones are drawn out from the production line with the reject mechanism.



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Production Speed(1)200 units per minute
Line Speed40 meters per minute
Maximum measurement weight1000 g
Minimum measurement weight1 g
Accuracy (2)0.1 g
Working DirectionLeft to right or right to left
Reject MethodIndustrial sweep nozzle
Screen7 or 15 inch industrial touchscreen
DriveDC brushless motor
Working Temperature10 - 40 oC
Working Height900 ± 50 mm
Working Voltage220 V / 50 or 60 Hz
OIML CertifiedYes
21 CFR Part 11Compatible
GAMP 5 ValidationDocumented
CE CertifiedYes

(1) Needs to be tested according to products to be manufactured and working environment.
(2) Changeable according to the viscosity of the product to be manufactured.


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Checkweigher Station