Bottle Labeling Station

VISIOTT Round Bottle Labeling for Unit has the ability to print expiration date, batch number, 2D or different serialized code(s), GTIN and any other information on the labels using inkjet technology. These labels could be on vials or bottles which are already moving on high speed on production line. VISIO Round Bottle Labeling for Unit verifies that the product is successfully serialized and all required information is printed on the label by reading it using its internal camera equipment and analysing system.

The position of the printer head is adjustable according to the size of the label. The bottles are separated in the separator which has placed in the beginning of the line. After the separation, the bottles enter the operation line where they have serialized and have verified. After verification of their codes and human readable texts with decoder and OCR/OCV, failed bottles are drawn out from the line by using piston or compressed air to the reject station.

The system provides high stability during the production of different sized vials and bottles. The possibility of rolling or tumbling of the bottles is eliminated with the turntable which placed in the beginning of the production line. This turntable also makes the integration of the VISIOTT Round Bottle Labeling for Unit with the current production line easier. A separate packaging machine could be integrated at the end of the operation line of the bottle labeller to automatically place the serialized bottles into shipping containers. VISIOTT Round Bottle Labeling for Unit also could be used offline with two turntables one at the beginning and one at the end.

This machine has a wide usage with pharmaceutical products as well as with agricultural industry. It has also using the VISIOTT Level 2 Line Manager software like many our other machines and have the full integrity with VISIOTT Level 3 Plant Manager.



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Printing TechnologyTIJ (Thermal Inkjet)
Printing Resolution (max.)600 dpi
Verifying AbilitiesGrading and OCR/OCV Control
Label ApplicatorNovexx or Herma
Camera Resolution1600 x 1200 px (2 Mpx)
Reject MechanismPiston or Nozzle
Line Capacity (max.)(2)200 bottles per minute
Line Speed (max.)40 meters per minute
Toppled Bottle ControlOptional
Escape SensorOptional
Cap ControlOptional
Conveyor DriveAC motor
Working Voltage220 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions (Width/Height/Length)1100 / 1400 / 1200 mm
Minimum Bottle Diameter20 mm
Bottle TurnerDC motor


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Bottle Labeling Station