Agricultural Products Track & Trace

The purpose of the Agricultural Products Track and Trace Systems is to make the agro products traceable in all stages from the production to the market. Agro Products Track and Trace Systems could easily integrate to the cylindric or cornered bottle or solid filling production lines to perform the serialization using thermal inkjet or thermal transfer technology. The patented product traffic control system works according to ISO 15415 standards and ensures that the serialized items are placed inside the correct shipment case in zero error rate. The products are constantly monitored while they are moving on the operation line in a controlled order. The product-traffic control system is configurable according to the item count in the shipment case and enables to serialize both case level and pallet level shipment cases. Agro Products Track and Trace System also verifies the printed codes on the products sing the bottle turning mechanism.

Agro Products Track and Trace System could be integrated both solid and liquid production lines. Agro Products Track and Trace System runs on VISIOTT Line Manager software and by using this software it has the ability to create customizable XML files at the end of the production for the produced items in PTS format and also in almost every format in the world. The data of the produced items could be automatically uploaded to the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture in their desired format.

Agro Products Track and Trace System offers an end-to-end solution. This system has the ability to serialize the products by labelling automatically or thermal inkjet print and building aggregation between serialized products.

Sample Case: Hektaş A.Ş.
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