Pharmaceutical Track & Trace in Turkey

Serializing the pharmaceutical products by printing a 2D codes on them provides traceability for the product for its lifetime.

Turkey is the first country in the world who applied the Track & Trace system for pharmaceutical products. In the year 2010 the first phase of the project came to life.

In the following years, AGE provided solutions to numerous companies with the turnkey products for their Track & Trace projects. The necessity of the high-quality products of the pharmaceutical industry has always been the first thing to be considered by AGE while developing different solutions. Generously provided after-delivery support acts a proactive part for the customer to reach the peak performance of their serialization unit.

AGE Bilgisayar Sistem ve Otomasyon Faaliyetleri is directly or indirectly carrying out Track & Trace project with more than 100 companies in Turkish pharma industry. Please contact us to get more information about our software and hardware solutions.

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