Explosive Track & Trace

As of 2019, traceability system started for some civil use explosives products, from production to end-user consumption in Turkey. Relevant track and trace system for explosive products has aleady been implemented in Europe since 2008. Because of the difficult production and dangerous conditions, the implementation of the system requires a good know-how.

The main purpose of the Explosive Track and Trace system is to record the serial numbers of each manifactured product on every step such as production, warehouse, shipment etc.

AGE Bilgisayar Sistem Otomasyon Faaliyetleri have more than 15 years of experience on track and trace systems combined with the dynamics of explosive products traceability. AGE has established traceability systems for many civilian explosive companies in Turkey.

Track and trace solutions for the explosives are designed in conformity with highest level of ATEX certificate and with the hardware which can resist the high security requirements of the industry.

You can serialize cap and booster sensitive capsule, anfo and capsule products with our hardware and software systems according to PATBİS and FEMM standards. Also you can send automated notifications to PATBİS system about the serialized products at the end of the production or on any supply chain step.

Also, cloud-based solutions for warehouses of explosives products are available.

Capsule aggregation station
Dynamite aggregation station