We are devotedly working in track and trace solutions to provide traceability for your meticulously manufactured products.

AGE Computer Systems continues to provide quality and efficient support to their customers by using innovative technologies since the year 2003 in Ankara. In the early years AGE Computer Systems was able to convert their works on industrial automation to products which are still used by numerous amounts of medical analysis laboratories. The firm continues to grow by observing every detail and the needs of the medical industry since the year of 2007. Thanks to their experienced staff, AGE Computer Systems able to solve the software and hardware problems of numerous companies while celebrating their 10th year. The ability to create solutions to different kinds of problems carries AGE Computer Systems to a point where they are key solution provider in many national and international projects.

Our firm continues to gain recognition in the Turkish Pharma Industry with their track and trace solutions since 2007. Thanks to the support of the pharma industry, we have managed to establish our own production site which we are producing a wide range of serialization and aggregation building machines. These machines which built in our own production site are being exported to various countries in Europe and many other countries in the world.

AGE directed its experience in serializing pharmaceutical products to checkweigher systems, robotic pick & place solutions and specific labelling solutions. Nevertheless, managed to provide successful solutions on these areas, too.

Our solutions provided in the sector;

  1. Manufacturing hardware and developing software for the 2D datamatrix printing on the pharmaceutical products in the scope of pharmaceutical track and trace system.
  2. Manufacturing hardware and developing software for building aggregation between serialized pharmaceutical products.
  3. Manufacturing hardware and developing software for checkweigher system.
  4. Manufacturing hardware and developing software for integrated automatic (standalone) aggregation builder systems.
  5. Designing and developing robotic arm solutions to make production process more productive.
  6. Developing software for the automatic notification services to send the data built after the serialization operations to third party ERP, WMS and MES and/or pharmaceutical track and trace system servers of the Ministry of Health.
  7. Performing validation documents and tests for their manufactured products in compliance with GAMP5 standards.
  8. Providing after-sale software and hardware support for the products which produced in the scope of track and trace solutions.
  9. Providing consumables and after-sale support for track and trace operations.

As a secondary line of business, AGE is one of the affluential companies with their products in the temperature and humidity systems. Their products are used in more than 300 places from 100 m2 to 50.000 m2. For more detailed information please visit www.sicaklikolcer.com

In summary our company which based in Ankara and Istanbul is in aware of their responsibility while producing for pharma industry and the satisfaction of the patient and the customer is their main target.