We are devotedly working in track and trace solutions to provide traceability for your meticulously manufactured products.

Pharmaceutical Track & Trace in Turkey

Track & Trace was implemented by Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Health in 2010. The pharma tracking and monitoring system is a pioneering project for the world. AGE Bilgisayar Sistem Otomasyon Faaliyetleri produces end-to-end software and hardware solutions for your traceability operations within the scope of Track & trace with expert staff. With proven industrial designs, our company meets the needs of all processes from the generation of datamatrix to their printing on the box and the transfer of the produced datamatrix information to the tracking systems.

Pharmaceutical Track & Trace in the World

It has become inevitable for products to be traceable that directly affect human health and that change hands between many stakeholders. With the pharma tracking and monitoring project implemented in our country, stakeholders have seen and tested the operability of the system. Many countries have begun working on datamatrix coding operations within the framework of GS1 standards and have implemented the pharma tracking system. Our company offers solutions in line with the standards of different countries and provides reporting services in accordance with the GMP and GAMP5 standards that cover system requirements.

Agro Track & Trace

Agro Products Track & Trace was implemented by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 2018. With the system, production, storage and usage stages of plants protection products are monitorable. Our company has provided producers or importers with solutions that can carry out labeling, data matrix coding and hierarchy operations on a single line and transfer datamatrix information to the ministry. Having being involved in various projects since the agro products track & trace was implemented, our company can easily integrate into production lines and ERP systems.



Our References

AGE Bilgisayar Sistem Otomasyon Faaliyetleri carry out pharma Tracking Systems studies with more than 100 companies directly or indirectly in the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry.